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Bastia, Cap Corse



Saturday 12 October 2024

Good to know!

This race is open to everyone! You can choose your format:

A 103km race, in teams of 2, 4, 8 or 10. For our cycling friends, the 103km tour of the Cape, and for the less sporty, walkers or even children, a 5km walk around Bastia, passing through the famous Aldilonda.

Registration closes on Thursday 10 OCTOBER at 6 p.m.

The Endur'ensemble association, which is behind the Le Relais Rose initiative, enables everyone to support the aid given to patients affected by breast cancer.

Come and join us for a great day of sharing, helping each other and, of course... sport!

Stronger together.

So, which one are you signing up for?

The event

This year, the association created a walking race on the Patrimonio - Bastia route, with different formats, to raise awareness of the values of sport and the disease, in which many sportsmen and women from the island took part.

A march was also organised, with a festive finish at Place Saint Nicolas in Bastia.

Thanks to the mobilisation of friends, volunteers and partners who are moved by the cause of providing practical help to women on the island, we are able to distribute a large number of kits containing 7 products that are not reimbursed, are expensive and are essential to get through chemotherapy, as well as mastectomy cushions and drainage bags, which will be distributed to the Bastia hospital, the Maymard clinic, the Corte hospital and the Castellucciu hospital.

The aim is to raise as much money as possible to produce as many kits as possible and distribute them to local hospitals (Haute Corse and Corsica du Sud in the near future).



For runners

For walkers


A race for everyone and for a cause

Sportsmen and women, non-athletes... all are welcome!

The Relais Rose is offered in different formats so that everyone can take part according to their abilities, desires and sporting motivations... to help and support women fighting breast cancer.  


There will be an opening car, 3 cars in the centre of the race and a broom wagon to close the race.

A motorbike brigade will also be on hand to ensure safety. 2 doctors for the race and an ambulance will be available.

There will be marshals at every intersection and feed station. 


Departures from Patrimonio will be delayed between 6am and 10am depending on the format chosen. Information will be sent at the appropriate time. 

The "Relais Rose" team, made up of around fifteen women, some of whom are still in remission, will set off from Patrimonio at 6am.

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CARGO-vehicle rental

HOTEL Les Voyageurs-Bastia

Partnership request

Hospitals, contact us!

A typical kit contains at least: 3 silicon nail polishes, 1 pump of specific shower oil 1 pump of specific face and body moisturiser, 1 organic castor oil, 1 eyelash growth activator liner liner, 1 personalised treatment voucher from an oncology specialist, various samples of specific products.

Departure in


Stronger together, we look forward to seeing many of you there to support the cause

Rates & offers

103 km

bike Price per person
  • 103 km: €40

Holiday offer

880€ Price per person
  • 3 nights' accommodation in a double room
  • Half board
  • Transport to the start of the race
  • Bib + party

103 km

race Price per group
  • SOLO: €63
  • DUO: €83
  • RELAY X4: €128
  • RELAY X8: €225
  • 10km: €20

Holiday offer

1080€ Price per person
  • 5 nights' accommodation in a double room
  • Half board
  • Transport to the start of the race
  • Bib + party

5 km

marche Price per person
  • 5 km: €20

Accompanying offer

680 or €880 Price per person
  • 3 or 5 nights' accommodation in a double room
  • Half board
  • Post-race evening