The association

The story

The Endur'Ensemble association, set up by Thierry PISTOROZZI in 2011 during the Ersa-Bonifacio challenge for the benefit of a disabled little girl, took a turn for the worse in 2020 when his wife, Carole, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In October 2020, Thierry will be running 103 km around Cap Corse to raise awareness of breast cancer screening and the importance of practising sport, even during the illness.

In 2021, Carole will be running the relay again, with 18 women, some of whom are ill. The Relais Rose was born!


The people

  • 1 committed and convinced office
  • 450 members
  • 85 volunteers
  • Over 400 people entered the race
  • Over 200 people signed up for the walk
  • 1 exceptional racing environment that we are helping to promote, respect and protect

the result

  • 400 Special chemo kits (composed of 7 essential products distributed in all hospitals in Haute-Corse (covering the number of women who are or will be affected by breast cancer in Haute-Corse over 1 year).
  • 100 mastectomy cushions (to relieve those who will undergo a mastectomy) distributed directly to the surgical departments concerned.
  • 100 specific products not reimbursed given to social workers.
  • 150 pockets from drains distributed.

the objectives

  • Getting to cover the 2 Corsican departments in number of kits (350 kits, 350 being the average number of women affected by breast cancer per year in Corsica)
  • Getting to increase the contents of each kit ( which is not exhaustive,