Association created in 2011


Who are we?

The ENDUR'ENSEMBLE association was set up by Thierry PISTOROZZI in 2011 as part of an Ersa-Bonifacio challenge to provide financial support for the parents of a severely disabled girl.

In 2020, when his wife was struck down by breast cancer, he decided to run across Cap Corse to raise awareness of breast screening and healthy sport before, during and after the disease.

In 2021, his wife took up the challenge of repeating the route with the help of 17 friends, some of whom were ill and still undergoing treatment. The Relais Rose was born! The aim was to raise funds to create health kits containing essential products that are not reimbursed during chemotherapy, and to distribute them to hospitals in Upper Corsica.

In 2022, the race will be open to runners from the island, again to raise awareness of the importance of sport, and with the same stated aim.

In 2024, the pink relay will move to Morocco.

The adventure continues!

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